Hiding method

This is the hardest part of the job. This only needs to be done once. It will take us 5 minutes. It will take you no more than 1 hour.
Settings bot
If you play poker rooms: iPoker, Pokermatch, Pokerdom, Unibet Poker, Full tilt poker you have to replace files, only item 3, 8 from this list. For the rest of the poker rooms, you need to do all the points.

1. Remove from your computer poker room: 888poker, PokerOk, PokerStars, Party Poker,Bwin.  https://youtu.be/DELCNueqtSI

2. Install the robot. https://youtu.be/BQWWiHKGqNY


3. Rename all .exe and .dll files. https://youtu.be/PmoNYgj45Z4

!!! Disable antivirus and windows defender !!!

The tool can be downloaded here.

4. Icon replacement. https://youtu.be/NEH2YbZOG1M

The tool can be downloaded here.

5. Create an individual user. Adding admin rights. Forbid access to the folder of the robot and the desktop administrator. https://youtu.be/cUnTQIdbq8o

6. We install a poker room in a new account created. If you want to run a poker room in Windows 8 mode, you must go to this account and set the parameters there. In the future, all the updates of the poker room do only on this account. Running the poker room.comp (to run your poker client, right-click on its desktop shortcut, while holding your SHIFT button, and
select “run as different user”. Enter the username and password of the created account. Then type your “Casino” username and password). https://youtu.be/By4yLJ2T4z4

8. Setting up the poker room (The settings for each poker room are available on this page).

Please configure the robot pauses.



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