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  • 2013-2017 yearCreation of profiles for playing poker bot Openholdem

    Profiles are our work: ”KingOfTheRing”, “CrushingMicros”, ”Conchita”, ”Speedy Gonzales”, ”Moonshine”, If you see them in the Warbotpoker resource, then you know that these profiles were appropriated by the owner of the resource and we did not receive the copyright reward. The owner of the warbotpoker website turned out to be a scammer.
  • 2017 year''Inhuman poker'' website development and bot software development

    A new resource for robot users, an alternative to the Warbot resource. The project was very successful. We were able to present all premium profiles in the world for free. The software for the robot was created taking into account the wishes of our customers.
  • 2021 yearSPIN BOT software

    Creation of the spin-bot website
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